Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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 How to Choose the Best Speaker for Powered Mixer
Decide if you want to go for active or passive powered speakers
Choose a speaker with subwoofer if you want to add to your PA system's low-frequency capabilities. A speaker with a subwoofer reproduces audio signals of the lowest of the low frequency levels, which means your low notes would be delivered at full sound to the audience. Also, with a subwoofer, it is possible to run your PA system at low-volume levels while delivering fine and full sound levels to your audience. Consider your budget, space and weight priorities before going for a subwoofer speaker though.

Go for a speaker power output that fits your needs. If you need a volume level that can raise your vocals and acoustic instruments (say acoustic saxophones and guitars) over a full band of drums clearly, and if you do not have any heavy low-frequency content, you can go for speakers with a minimum of 200 to 300 power rating. Try some speaker systems to know if the volume output fits  your sound requirements.


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